Alexander Dog

Below is Alexander Dog, given to us as a very sick puppy in 2004...

Many dollars later, and much help from Doctor Crockett and Dr. Gilsleider, he is the most healthy dog in Oklahoma. Considering that in the above photo he is only six months old...Alexander spent all of about five minutes on this 2005 Christmas Bone before it was completely demolished. ...Would anyone like a cheerful, sweet (and very enthusiastic) Dog? Dr. Gilsleider says Alexander is Rattweiller and Red Heeler mixed. Alex is healthy, has had all his shots, and is neutered, (of course.) No charge, Pick-Up only, no shipping available. Alexander took to carrying small logs (5" in diameter) around the yard as we attempt to cleaned up the damaged trees from the 2007 and 2008 Ice Storms, and he has only become stronger. Perhaps he could help you with your logging enterprise. Alex has calmed down considerably in his old age, but he is still a bit large for a lap dog. Sure keeps the yard free of Varmints!

Mink has taken many fetching Photos of Alexander.
All the pictures of him in motion are out of focus or some reason...


Here are some of the ones that were IN focus.

Alexander Dog


The Wild and Dangerous puppy...


Puppy's First Christmas




Up Close and Persona


What next?


I am ready for my closeup.




When Dennison was 16, Alexander (and Dennison) received the gift of  a puppy as a friend - Sydney said it would keep him young - and it seems to have worked! Welcome Nymphadora to the menagerie! At first Alexander Dog intimidated Nymphie, but she soon outgrew him and put him in his appropriate place.

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