Ubu Roi

Ubu Roi

This is also one of Kimball's Cats.  Ubu and his two sisters were born in the Costume shop at Theatre Tulsa. After much luring and many cans of sardines, the three kittens were rounded up and delivered to The M.A.D. House, one for Kimball, one for Mom, and one for Mink (Dad is busy enough with Razorball...) Because they were nearly starved, it took many months for Ubu's digestive system to normalise, hence the name.

Ubu Roi is a mighty hunter, and the terror of the neighborhood birds. As he ages, though, he is hunting less and less and sleeping more and more. Mom made him a very handsome collar which he has discarded somewhere in the woods. Ubu is a quiet but determined individual. We like him alot. Below is his attempt to steal a fish from an American Bald Eagle on our beach, in broad daylight, at noon, February 16th, 2011.

Ubu Attempts to take the eagle's lunch


Ubu and Millicent are Twin Kitties.

It's good to be kneaded...


Ubu Roi departed this life July 5th, 2018, at the ripe old age of seventeen, beloved by his family and in peace.
What a cat!

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