Millicent and Ubu Roi

Millicent is Dennison's Cat (along with Xena and Oley and Polly). Millicent and Ubu Roi were born in the Costume shop at Theatre Tulsa during our 2002 run with The Importance of Being Earnest. After much luring and many cans of sardines, the kittens were rounded up and delivered to The M.A.D. House, one for Kimball and one for Mink (Dad is busy enough with Razorball...) Because they were nearly starved, it took many months for Ubu's digestive system to normalise, hence the name. Millicent took to us at once. But currently (2010) we are feeding Millicent very very carefully and as frequently as possible because she is suffering from a wasting disease of some sort.


Ubu Roi is a mighty hunter, and the terror of the neighborhood birds. Mom made him a very handsome collar which he discarded in the lake. Mom found the remains a couple of years later while she was beachcombing. Ubu is a quiet but determined individual. We like him alot.

Millicent has not had her photos edited yet, but Mom  will get after that as soon as possible.


It's good to be kneaded...This is Millicent's brother, Ubu Roi kneading Dennison.


Where is Millicent in all this?

Ubu Roi and Millicent are Twin Kitties.

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